Introductory Luxury

Welcome to Life of Lezure!

For my introductory post, I’d like to talk about plastic hair clips because to know me is to know my preferred style of hair clip: the 2 inch butterfly clamp.

I wear them every day. No exaggeration. And, while I realize they are not all that luxurious, they do hold your hair in such a way that you can get a lot of glamour with very little effort.

For example, push up your bangs into a mini pompadour and clip that look in place. Wrap all your hair into a tightly wound top knot. Experiment with a half-up twist/pompadour hybrid. And all within 3 seconds (and for under $2), which is really what this blog is about: finding little bits of luxury wherever you can.

I should mention that my hairstylist does not share my love for the plastic hair clip. In fact, pretty much everyone at Bluxom Salon laughs when I come in, hair clipped tight on the top of my head (only to leave with lustrous, flowing locks).

This leads me to the deep and perplexing question: if the 2 inch butterfly clamp is not the epitome of everyday luxury then what is?

Aviary Photo_131427135804833652


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