Meet my pillows!

Everyone, meet my pillows!


*Subject to change at any time

I think luxury is in the details. In the texture of things. The visually interesting aspects.

Lucky for me, my house is ALL OVER THE PLACE visually. It comes from adopting my husband’s furniture from before we were married and making it work instead of starting from scratch. I envy people who can start from a blank slate and build an entire room, an entire house. It looks so cohesive.

But I am not one of those people. What I have done time and time again is tie everything together with pillows. (Lord knows, I LOVE a throw pillow.) They are an easy way to breathe fresh air into an otherwise stale room. Not a big money commitment. Easy to change once you’re over a certain look. A quick design update.

More on Decor

Recently, I heard someone say that lighting is the forgotten accessory, and I agree. I realized that my walls were dull and flat. There was no dimension. So, I set out in search of sconces.

But sconces are tricky. In my case, they had to work on several different walls of varying widths. And since my decor is rather “creative” (as mentioned above), finding a style that spanned all looks was a challenge.

I enlisted the help of Auxilio Design. The stylist chose a small sconce from Hinkley Lighting that lights from both the top and bottom. This is important because it gives a sense of balance instead of shooting light in only one direction. Plain but with an interesting diamond-like design up close, the idea was to have the sconces illuminate the walls in the background without becoming a focal point.

And now introducing my sconces!


I didn’t realize how much we needed sconces until we got sconces! So, to my new sconces, it’s lovely to meet you! The pleasure is all mine!


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