Our Lady of Luxury

Time is the ultimate luxury. We all think the goal is to get more money (and it is), but what money gets you is freedom. Freedom meaning time. Time to yourself. Time not spent working. Time to do whatever it is you want to do, like go to the movies midday.

Recently, I did just that: went to the movies midday. I went with a friend who, like me, was also busy but decided it was worth the effort. We saw Lady Bird. We smuggled in sushi. We Laughed. And, having been teens in the ‘90s, we professed our love for Laurie Metcalf.

Then my friend went to Sacramento, where Lady Bird was filmed. She sent me pictures of the very house featured in the movie. The blue one. I loved seeing it again! It took me back to that day at the movies.


She also sent several more pictures from her walk around the “Fab Forties” neighborhood. The houses don’t look like anything you’d expect in California. They are brick and beautiful and big.



But one was pink and had palm trees in the yard. That one did look like something in California.


In fact, the pink house reminded me of somewhere I’ve admired from afar. Somewhere I daydreamed about. A place to live out my leisure years. The Marrakesh Country Club in Palm Desert.



Who knows where I’ll ultimately end up. Maybe I’ll leave California. Maybe I’ll stay right here. Maybe I’ll even visit the real Marrakesh. All I know is that the person who has the most fun in life wins. And my goal is to make more time for that.


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