The good shit: a bowl for her pleasure

Everyone, meet my BBF (best bowl forever)! 

Serving bowl turned parfait bar with menu; me in orange suede shorts, a baby shower staple–for reasons that are a mystery even to me

This blue beauty is a serving bowl with dividers and a lid from Target. It’s generic. No brand name. Not even Threshold. But I’m in love with it!

How we met

I found this bowl one day while perusing Target’s kitchen section for something to take to a baby shower. At the time, I thought I just needed some plastic containers. I did not know the course of my life was about to change.

Sure, I hate the color of my bowl,

but you can’t win ‘em all and every day is not a 10.

How we connected

The pregnant friend we were showering is gluten-free, so I went with a parfait bar. Here’s how:

  • Plain yogurt
  • Blueberries
  • Cut strawberries
  • Graham cracker crust crumbles
  • Fresh-picked rosemary from my garden (more for looks than anything else) in the middle section

The problem: graham cracker crust crumbles are NOT gluten-free. The solution: a framed menu.

The menu worked in 3 ways:

  1. It let my pregnant, gluten-free friend know that the crumbles were a no-go for her.
  2. It explained to everyone else what the parfait bar was all about.
  3. It was a way cute detail.

If you’re into seeing what else is out there

Here are some options. And in better colors. I love the clear! Most are from Amazon, except the one from Tupperware.

Search Amazon for divided serving bowls with lids


I was THIS CLOSE to hosting an online Tupperware party. (Email me if you’re into it.)

This is how I pictured that Tupperware party going down
And this is what I’d wear

Things to look for in a serving bowl:

  • Freezable ice packs or a section for ice underneath to keep food, like yogurt, cool as a cucumber all scorching day long
  • Lids—not only do you want a large outside lid, but an inner lid if there’s a middle section for dips is a total win
This glass bowl is sexy but not marriage material; do not fall for this one because of its good looks–you need a bowl with substance. And a lid.

All the things my bowl and I can do together

The type of divided serving bowl I’m suggesting is ideal for parties. Any kind of party, really.

  • Going to a party with vegetarians? Put veggies in the main sections and ranch in the center.
  • Vegans? Substitute ranch for humus.
  • Kid party? Put different types of cereal in the outside sections and spoons in the middle. (Include small single-serving milk cartons on the side.)
  • Stoner party? Same.

My other half

I use my serving bowl ALL THE TIME. I just took it to a neighbor’s house with all the leftover snacks I wanted to get rid of–if I’m being honest–but looked like a total Martha Stewart. So put together.

My blue entertaining bowl, with its separate sections and dual lid combo, is both practical and flamboyant—basically it’s me in bowl form.


One response to “The good shit: a bowl for her pleasure”

  1. You had me at Tupperware party. I’m there!


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