Meditation for Ding Dongs [Day 2]

Today I went to yoga and meditated, so I’m, like, WAY cool spiritually.


Pendleton x Yeti Fire Legend yoga mat. Who knew?!

What’s up with today?

Although I did spent my morning at yoga, things were a bit hectic at home. My husband didn’t go into the office. The house projects are still ongoing. And it’s 100 degrees outside, so I can’t even seek solace in the Relax Shack.

Click here for my yoga teacher’s latest video. Use it to max your relax, yo!

Trying to tune it all out, I hit the go button on today’s Headspace meditation session. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here.)

Thoughts Gone (Slightly Less) Wild

During the 10-minute guided meditation, I had the following thoughts:

Better Than Yesterday

I did feel like I had fewer thoughts during meditation today than yesterday. And I did like that today’s lesion was that meditation is a skill that takes practice. It doesn’t have to be some mystical thing. I remember saying this in a talk I gave about fashion.

Day 2: Basics

Also, we learned that thoughts are OK. We’re not trying to get rid of them. We’re just trying to be at peace with them.

Noted weirdness: referring to the mind as “it,” as if it’s something separate. Sort of Matrix, which really sort of Cartesian: Cogito, Mind-body dualism <<End of philosophical rabbit hole>>

And Tomorrow…

Want in on this 10-day, 10-minute-per-day meditation action? I CHALLENGE THEE TO A ZEN-OFF! Ready. Set. RELAX!


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