Meditation for Ding Dongs [Day 4]

Day 4 of the Headspace 10-day meditation challenge for beginners

Today’s lesson was about anchoring mediation to another part of your daily routine. This is helpful because I was stressing out about how I was going to meditate on the weekends when the kids are home. And stressing out about meditation is really missing the point.

So, fitting meditation in with things I’m already doing kinda eases my mind. Wake up, coffee, meditate, brush teeth, pick up the house 47 times.

Day 4

Because meditating with kids…

…Isn’t ideal. I tried it today. I sat at the dining room table while my 4-year-old played with my husband’s original Star Wars toys from the ‘70s (that we really should be selling on eBay instead), and it went like this:

Instructor: Breathe in through your nose, exhale through your mouth. And close your eyes.

Me: *Takes a deep breath, closes eyes*

Kid: Mommy, I have cream cheese on my arm! I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Frantically waving arm as if it’s on fire*

Me: *Opens eyes* OK, go wipe it off. *Goes back to pretending to meditate*


But it’s all good

I am finding that, even though my meditation is rarely uninterrupted, I am having less rando thoughts. It’s kind of like I’m observing myself thinking. I get distracted, but then I realize that I’m distracted—like with the great cream cheese incident of 2018—and I go back to meditating.

Until it’s not

I was working on a cute closing to this post, but then my other kid pushed a plant off the coffee table and I had to go vacuum up dirt. Mojo interrupted. So let’s try this again tomorrow…

Hanging planter, evidently the only kind I can have [Mofo hanging planter from Pigment]
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