Meditation for Ding Dongs [Day 5]

Day 5—the halfway point—of the 10-day Headspace meditation challenge

Yesterday we went to the beach twice. (Yes, twice.) Once in the morning then again in the afternoon. And today I’m exhausted.

Look how cute this Sun Jellies beach bag is, though!

I tried to nap with the kids but couldn’t doze off. So I was all like: fuck it, I’ll meditate.

Afternoon beach session, Coronado, CA

Day 5, the Halfway Point

Admittedly, I’m a little relieved to be halfway through this 10-day challenge. Not only have I been doing the meditation, but I’ve also been writing about it. Every. Day. (But seriously, thank you if you’ve been following along!)

The focus of today’s lesson was on letting go. Not trying to achieve anything during meditation. Coincidentally, the message was about trying to sleep. You can do all the prep you want—get comfy, put on quiet music, whatever floats your sleepytime boat—but ultimately you have to let go in order to fall asleep.

Oh, I know.

Day 5

*Changes Subject from Meditation to Madonna*

And while the calmest thing I did today was try to nap (and meditate), the most exciting thing I did was watch this video about Madonna’s 1985 Like a Virgin tour:

Growing up in the ‘80s, Madonna was my idol. She was so bitchy and badass.

I’ve seen her in concert three times—in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia—and she is worth every penny of the ticket price and every bit of effort it takes to see her. Madonna is electric on stage, and this Like a Virgin performance is one of her most inconic. At just over 5 minutes, it took me half the time to watch the video as it did to do my meditation, and I enjoyed the video twice as much.

Currently wearing a Madonna concert tee

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