Got drunk, bought rugs

I shouldn’t buy things online. Often, I get the wrong size. I swear I know how to measure, but international trade doesn’t always conform to the same measurement standards. And who can tell WTF color something is from the tiny, cracked screen on your phone?! Alas, I continue buy things online every week, if not almost every day.

Some Eskayel rugs for your viewing pleasure

Most recently, it was rugs. In my defense, I went to West Elm to see them in person first. I like West Elm for 2 things: curtains and rugs. I want to be clear about that given the Peggy sofa scandal. Anyway, they only had 1 of the 2 rugs I wanted to see in stock.

So I bought one. Online. It was cheaper, even with shipping. Then I had a few too many glasses of wine and bought another one, telling myself that it looked just like an Eskayel rug that I love, which is $13,000.

Eskayel’s Clairmont Rug – Matka Silk/Wool Tibetan Crossweave

The first one is classic and yet still fun with a semicircle design at each end. Cream (which we’ll get back to in a minute) but with all the colors of my living room—yellow, pink, blue, and gray.


The second one, which I did not see in person, is very blue. The watery design looks cool showing through my glass waterfall table. But I barely even like blue, and it looks nothing like the Eskayel rug—to no one’s surprise.


I couldn’t decide which rug to put in my living room (and which in the bedroom), so I did what any rational person would do: I asked the internet. Results were roughly tied. And it just goes to show that you have to choose your own adventure.


As much as my husband loved the blue surf-y surf-y rug (inside joke) that looks like something out of the Surf Shack book, I went with the cream semicircles in the living room because that was my original vision. I should Scotch Guard it, but that stuff is kinda nasty. Instead, I’ll just pray that my kids do not spill green juice all over it. And I’ll wince whenever a contractor in dirty work boots walks across it. And I’ll freak out for a week before the we have a party the next time.

So I’ll just enjoy it now, in all it’s short-lived, clean glory.


>>What’s your vote? Cream or blue?




5 responses to “Got drunk, bought rugs”

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  2. I like the cream one best too, I think it compliments your home nicely. Here is a non-toxic alternative that will appease another online ordering fix. 😁
    Vectra 32 oz. Furniture, Carpet and Fabric Protector Spray


    1. You rule! This is what I need(ed). I actually broke down and did a thin layer of Scotchguard, even though it said not to use on carpet, because I was losing my mind with worry. I may revisit with this, too.


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